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Unsurpassed Service

With service teams covering eleven Western states, EC Power Systems provides onsite or in-shop repairs for all types of industrial engines and generators on all types of industrial and commercial equipment. We have field techs available 24/7. Our generator maintenance agreements will give you the confidence to know that your standby generator system will be ready when the need arises.

Just need few parts to get things up and running? We’ve got you handled. Our extensive selection of parts, combined with our quick, efficient delivery system, is second to none. Our team will get you what you need—as quickly as the next day—to virtually any location on the map. 

Does your job require a custom application? EC Power Systems can customize our equipment to meet your needs, whatever those needs may be. The next time you have an interesting or unique project that needs a custom touch, call or stop by to discuss a turnkey solution with one of our specialists.